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February 20, 2020   
Support Hours

Monday thru Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (EST) except major Holidays.


Billed monthly based on actual utilization, if you don't call we don't send you a bill. Service provided at $150.00 per hour, pro rated, with a $60 minimum charge. We request that new incidents be opened via telephone. Email, PC remote control, FTP, and other tools are also used to get your issues solved as soon as possible.
Whether first getting up to speed or already a long time user, online training is available as an alterative option to our telephone technical support. Online training uses PC Remote Control technology to allow our support staff to remotely connect to your system or you to connect to ours so that we can view the same screens together while we speak over the phone. These sessions are scheduled in advance for specific hour blocks of time and are billed at an hourly rate.

No Charge Support Periods

Our New License Purchase Free Support Period Policy is to provide unlimited telephone support for the first 30 calendar days (15 for license major release upgrades) after purchase at no additional charge. It includes assistance with installation on a stand alone computer, basic usage and how to questions regarding the Ultra32 software.

No charge support is limited to questions specific to basic installation and application use orientation. Our support staff has extensive training on the use of Ultra32. But our support services are not intended to provide complete PC Hardware, Networking, or Microsoft Windows integration support. We require that you have local on-site support resources available when necessary to provide these support services. The following items are not covered by our Free Support Policy. Any service we are able to provide may be limited and will be billable at our regular support rates:

Basic use of the Microsoft Windows operating system, including any type of operating system configuration or diagnostics.
Support of other applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks, or any other application not developed by CCS.
Support of hardware, such as network cards, tape drives, CD-ROM burners, and other types of removeable media. Including any type of hardware or operating system failure, such as hard drive failure, power surges, brownouts, computer virus attacks, and etc.
Installation on a Local Area Network or Wide Area Network.
Limited support assistance is provided for network installations, however, CCS does require that the individual performing the install to be an experienced network application integrator for us to effectively provide remote support.

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