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February 20, 2020   


Ultra32 Day Labor Edition

A Proven Advanced Staffing Solution

Every day, Temporary Staffing owners spend countless hours and dollars on manual effort...filling job orders, calculating billing and payroll, accounting, record keeping, and reporting.  Nights and weekends are often required to get the job done.  CCS has a better way using our completely automated solution that quickly pays for itself.

Ultra32 is completely modular.  Get benefits immediately with just the Assignment, Work Ticket, Client, and Employee Management Modules or maximize use of your time by including the completely integrated back office financial processing modules to process all your payroll and billing functions.

Ultra32 is completely modular.  Get benefits immediately with just the Front Office system or  with just the Timeslip and Payroll modules, and add the other modules later, as you need them.


 Front Office

When you send an employee out to a customer, it is expected that the employee will have the skills and experience relevant to the job. When you fail, at best you waste the customers money...at worst, you waste their money and lose repeat business.

With Ultra32's SkillSEARCH module you don't have to worry, and you save time. Simply enter a customer order, identifying the type of skill resources required, and SkillSEARCH will sweep through your "electronic filing system", locating all potential candidates for the position. You can spend the time you save developing more business for your company.

The Ultra32 Front Office system is available by itself or integrated with any or all of the UltraTEMP Back Office modules to provide a single repository for all customer and employee records.

With the Applicant or Job Order Search: Perform searches by Applicant for any open job orders, or by Job Order for any available applicants.  The Job Assignment tracking allows the ability to see which employees are assigned to each job order, schedule a "Follow Up" call, and record the employee's performance.

The flexible design provides the ability to fully customize the type of "skills" or criteria, used to classify applicants and job orders.

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Time Slips

This base module provides the capability of entering the majority of information required by all the other modules. Included are the basic programs for maintaining employee and customer records, as well as processing time tickets.

TimeSlip Entry: UltraTEMP is built around a One Step Entry system. For most time tickets, you need only identify the customer and employee, and enter the number of hours worked. Once this information is entered, payroll, billing, job cost, sales history, and work history are generated from this single entry.

TimeSlip Reports: Provides lists of time tickets by employee, by customer or by slip number.  This provides the ability to check for errors and verify hours paid versus hours billed, prior to printing payroll checks or invoices.

Customer/Employee Reports: Lists of customers & employees, with several different report styles to choose from, including mailing labels.

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The payroll module is a complete payroll system which automatically produces payroll checks from the TimeSlip module, without any further data entry.  Included in the Ultra32 Day Labor Edition is our Quick Pay feature.  With Quick Pay timeslips can be entered as employees return from daily assignments.  Whether one or a small group comes at the same time, actual net pay instant checks can be easily and quickly printed.  Taxes. additional deductions, and special pay amounts are included and fully itemized on detailed check stubs.

In addition, the standard Ultra32 management reports, Federal, State, and local tax reports are included. With all this information automatically provided, it is actually easier, and much less expensive, to skip using advance checks or sending payroll out to a payroll service. 

Detailed Payroll Checks: The employees' pay stubs include printed details from each time ticket. This feature can drastically reduce inquiries by employees regarding the accuracy of their checks, and allows you to quickly resolve any payroll related questions.

Check Registers: Several report styles to choose from, including detailed or summary. These may be printed anytime throughout the year for any desired date range.

Employee Pay History: Ability to report employee earnings for any given period. Commonly used for unemployment claims and social services inquiries.

Federal/State/Local Tax Reports: Several

comprehensive reports that provide information necessary for the 940, and 941 forms as well as state quarterly wage reports.

W-2 Reporting: Ability to print W-2 forms for all employees, and prepare a diskette for Magnetic Media reporting.

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Billing and Accounts Receivable

With the CCS One Step Entry system, invoices are automatically calculated and printed, from data entered in the TimeSlip module. What this means to you is, with only a few strokes, you can process your billing in a fraction of the time it would take manually.

Detailed Invoices: Each "ready to mail" itemized invoice includes the details from the corresponding time tickets. This  provides your customer with easy-to-read, professional looking invoices,  that will minimize inquiries and assist with the prompt payment by your customers.

Automatic Posting: Accounts Receivable files are  automatically updated after invoices are printed.

Invoice Registers: Several report styles to choose from, including detailed or summary. Can be printed anytime, by day, week, month, quarter, or year. Additional features include sub-totaling by salesperson, Territory, or Department.

This module provides you with the ability to accurately keep on top of the most volatile aspect of most businesses, the Collection of Your Cash!

Process Payments Received: With a single entry you can apply payments to multiple invoices, multiple customers, process discounts for early payment, or create credit memos for over payments.

Cash Receipt Report: Itemized list of payments, which can be printed anytime by day, week, month, quarter, or year.

Late Charges & Statements: You may optionally process late charges on any outstanding invoices. With UltraTEMP, each customer can have their own setup of terms and late charges. Whether you process late charges or not, you can generate "ready to mail' statements for one or all customers.

Aging Report: Ability to generate either a detailed or summary listing of invoices with an outstanding balance. Invoice amounts are displayed in one of several Aging Columns (i.e. 1-30,31-45,46-60, etc.).

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Management Reports

The Job Cost Reports provide an invaluable tool used to monitor and control your COST and PROFIT for every customer account.  Job cost information is accumulated from the TimeSlip module, and shows your sales,  direct costs, and gross profit for all customers on a Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly report. This indispensable information can be used to determine the correct pricing for each customer, and automatically provides an audit trail for Worker's Compensation Audits.

Worker's Comp Detail Report: Generates a detailed listing of payroll, and worker's compensation premiums for each time ticket.  In the event of a Worker's Compensation audit, these reports provide a easy method to quickly complete the audit in a minimal amount of time without a lot of extra effort.

Job Cost Report: Lists sales, payroll, direct costs (i.e. FUTA, SUTA, Worker's Compensation, FICA, etc), and gross profit; by week, month, quarter, or year. Additional features include the ability to define up to four misc. cost items, such as administration costs, or other general expenses.

Each Week, the sales and work history records are automatically updated from the TimeSlip module. Sales History information is retained for each of the most recent 13 months, and the time slip details for each Customer and Employee can be retained indefinitely.

Customer Work History: Detailed listing of all employees who have worked at a particular customer site, for any given time period. The following information is available on the Customer Work History Reports: employee name, number of hours , pay and bill rates, gross payroll, and gross billing.

Employee Work History: Detailed listing of all assignments worked by an employee, for any given period. Information included on this report are the following: customer name, number of hours, pay and bill rates, gross payroll, and gross billing.

Purchase Order History: Same details as the Customer Work History, but grouped by Purchase Order Number.

13 Month Sales History: A simple way to view the sales activity (dollars and hours), for each of your customers, over the last 13 month period. Helpful in anticipating seasonal fluctuations, or spotting sales trends for individual customers with just a quick glance.

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General Ledger Interface

Ultra32 supports the exporting of all financial transaction data as summarized journal entries to most General Ledger accounting systems including applications from Intuit Quickbooks Pro, Peachtree Software, and Best Software MAS90/Business Works.

Bank Reconciliation

Ultra32 make's the process of reconciling your payroll checking account statement faster and easier. The CCS Bank Reconciliation accesses all payroll checks issued to automate reconciliation in a fraction of the time it would take manually. 

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Customizable Employee and Customer Tracking Records

Ultra32 includes an open framework architecture to support the collection, management, and reporting of user-defined data elements for employees and customers.  This design allows most any information to be conveniently stored right with each employee or customer record without requiring expensive system customization services.   An individual record can defined to retain up to 13 different related pieces of text, numeric, date, and memo fields.  An unlimited number of tracking records can be defined.

Typical uses include:

  • Equipment Issued
  • Trades License Expiration Dates
  • Payroll Accumulated Hours Worked

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