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February 20, 2020   

About Us

Experience, Reliability, & Innovation

Complete Computer Service (CCS) was founded in 1969 to provide computer hardware, supplies, and maintenance services.  Recognizing a critical need for specialized software, in 1982, the software services division was formed.  This new group began developing fully customized software solutions to clients across a diverse set of industry types.  In 1985, the company made a strategic decision to discontinue the computer hardware and supplies business in order to focus solely on business application software development. 

During the first few years of providing software services we served a diverse mix of businesses.  With our very talented group of analysts and developers we completed many successful projects but we realized that the best designed solutions required us to have thorough insight into each of our clients industries and often required us to build new systems from the ground up. 

In our quest to always maximize our own productivity and provide good value to our clients we began to limit our activities to staffing related industry specialties.  This specialization allowed us to develop an industry focused common framework enabling our offering of what we term semi-customized software.  This provided the benefit of advanced functionality with built-in configurability options without at a reasonable cost.

Over the past 20 years our industry experience has enabled us to incorporate more and more functionality into our base system.  Most new clients today require very little or no customization services.

Who We Serve

Tailored to the unique requirements of the Temporary Staffing, Healthcare Staffing, and the Contract Security Guard Industries, CCS has a proven track record with many clients, both large and small, throughout the United States.

Over the last two decades, CCS has been dedicated to working with many customers to develop specialized systems based on the actual needs of these industries.

Unlike Off-the-Shelf generic programs available at the office supply stores, the wholesale shopping clubs, or on the Internet,  CCS solutions are designed exclusively for your business. We understand your business as well as our software business, and that's a combination you cannot afford to be without.

"Our mission is to provide functional, easy-to-use, cost effective software designed expressly for your industry."

Ease of Use and Functionality is more important than artistic content.  Simplicity, Speed and Accuracy are the most important ingredients to the success of your company. 

Outstanding service to your customers, providing the proper tools for your employees, and enhancing your bottom line profits are more important than having the latest state-of-the-art leading/bleeding edge computer technology, that sometimes will cause as many problems as it solves. 

We believe the best software is still only as good as the customer support services you can depend on, in your times of need.  Our support staff is expected to provide quick, reliable, courteous and accurate advice to all our customers.  Our personnel are thoroughly trained, not only on our software, but also on the unique needs of your industry.  We expect them to know YOUR business as well as OURS.

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